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Coastline Consultancy offers wide range of entrepreneurial research and training opportunities to young people, students, graduates and start-ups. Such training programs are aimed at equipping participants with soft skills to become more creative and innovative. The training modules are delivered either solely by Coastline’s consulting team or in partnership with other organisations and sponsors. Entrepreneurial research also focuses on sponsored and unsolicited studies into the entrepreneurial climate in defined geographical locations and its impact on business development.
Development organisations are welcome to partner us in entrepreneurial training and research that would help improve the entrepreneurial and critical thinking skills of young people in Ghana and other parts of the world.
Our modules include lecture sessions, videos and documentaries, field visits, assignments, research, teamwork, role plays, simulations and industry internships.
Our experts, trainers, and consultants come from diverse backgrounds in academia and industry. At Coastline, we ensure total quality management for every activity.

Coastline Logistics team has very experienced professionals who support business development efforts of entrepreneurs and businesses. Such businesses could be existing ones or just at the start-up stage. Individuals who have creative business ideas and resources but require professional assistance in any form to be able to start or grow their businesses may contact us.
Our service package include development of business plans, project proposals, strategic plans, staff training, recruitment and selection, business diagnosis, applied corporate and market research, entrepreneurial training, business development and introduction of modern management principles tooling and equipping as well as other related services as may be required.
We also assist businesses to register their businesses and secure trademarks, patents and copyrights for their business inventions.
Our business development team would be glad to meet you and understand how we may help your business grow.

Coastline Consultancy has rich experience in conducting market research for local and foreign firms who want to explore the market in Ghana. We also have capacity to support similar research efforts in other West African countries, especially Liberia and Sierra Leone.

Coastline consulting team also provides managerial and technical supports to individuals and organisations to help them improve their performance, grow and remain competitive. Our main goals for such engagements are to ensure that our clients reduce costs, make savings, create value, maximise growth and improve performance. We also provide objective advice and expertise to help organisations develop any specialist skills they may be lacking or are deficient in. Services include support for strategy formulation and implementation; building formidable management teams; executive recruitments and selection; business diagnosis; financial analysis and advice; and other services that may be necessary or requested by the client.
The consulting team is usually made up of seasoned industry practitioners and academics who have in depth experience and qualification in such engagements. Our team members include Professional Project Managers, Chartered Financial Analysts, Chartered Management and Financial Accountants, Experienced Academics and Consultants and Seasoned Entrepreneurs. Service charges are very competitive and depend on the nature and duration of engagement.
The Coastline Executive Training and Support is aimed at leaders in executive, managerial and supervisory levels. This is also an integrated training approach with the focus on enriching capacity of participants in soft skills development and building their loyalty for their organisations. Such trainings are also expected make participants understand the system approach to managing organisations so as to appreciate the contribution of everyone in the organisation. This would help to avoid or at least minimise internal conflicts and promote organisational cohesion for increased productivity.
Special models have also been designed for public officials to help them understand their roles in nation building and practice them. Refresher courses and regular training programmes are available.

The success of every business requires excellent management principles and practice. The art and science of management keeps changing; therefore, organisations are also expected to ensure that they are abreast with such changes to remain in business and stand competition. The Coastline Team has expertise to support introduction and implementation Lean Production, Kaisen principles and practice, Total Quality Management and Six Sigma. Other management and organisational practices can also be requested and Coastline Team would engage external consultants to support.

We are able to explore customer base for companies; sales potentials; regulatory requirements for business start-ups; industry association supports; investment partners, and issues concerning subsidiary facility location in Ghana. We also help firms to know export and import procedures, IS Codes and import tariffs, and other important international trade requirements in Ghana.

Many businesses are struggling and can hardly generate enough revenue to survive. This may be due to several reasons including poor sales efforts, poor management, poor controls, poor product quality or even sabotage.
Our team of experts would conduct diagnosis on the business to ascertain the cause of problems and then recommend immediate actions for improvement. Our experts go beyond the recommendations to support the restructuring efforts directly together with the staff of our client firm.
Diagnoses are conducted on all functions of the business including management and leadership; finance and accounting; human resources; marketing; operations; information technology; supply and value chain analysis, and environmental scanning, including SWOT analysis.

In modern times, many companies have several challenges and problems ranging from very simple to complicated ones that affect their operations. As a way to support businesses to overcome challenges, our experts support corporate research efforts to unravel the causes of organisational problems and recommend solutions to them. Our primary focus is in using case study approach through interviews, observations, simulations and review of organisational procedures and documentations.

The success of every organisation depends on the quality of its human resources. Over the years, many organisations have suffered from human resource deficiency.
The Coastline HRD Team offer general and specific training to staff to enhance their soft and hard skills necessary for superior performance. We also participate in the recruitment, selection and training for new entrants into organisations to help them find their grounding as quickly as possible and support the organisation.
Very unique in this model, is the ethics training that is designed to shape the character of workers to make them more committed and loyal to the organisation.

Our teams normally include people with expertise from diverse professional backgrounds who are committed to support the cause of our clients. We draw on reach experience of carefully chosen consultants from industry and academia with high integrity and expertise. Our consultants are not permanent employees of Coastline Group. Rather, they are practicing in various organisations and professions who are called to execute consulting projects that fit their qualification, experience and capacity to deliver. Here are some of our experienced consultants

Structure and costing of such engagements would be agreed with the client. Each activity or consulting project is unique so we design the structure and discuss the relevant costs with our clients. You should be assured, however, that our fees are very competitive and negotiable.